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Policy - Access by Appointment


As part of its mandate, Queen’s University Archives (QUA) is committed to making its holdings as open and available as possible to both the University and wider communities. In this regard, QUA is open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, QUA is not open on weekends, statutory holidays, or University mandated closings. QUA is open throughout the year, except for the last two weeks in August, when QUA staff undertake tasks necessary to upgrade services and to ensuring improved accessibility to existing holdings and new acquisitions.

It is policy at QUA to have at least two members of the archives staff in the building at any time the building is open to the public.


For those individuals wishing to use the QUA Reading Room, who are unable, for valid reasons, to conduct research outside of the structured hours identified above, QUA will make every attempt to accommodate their needs, and make the Reading Room available for consultation “by appointment only”.  QUA does though, reserve the right to refuse a request for an appointment if extraordinary circumstances prevail (for instance, if at least two members of staff are not available to attend outside their usual working hours).

In order to enter into such an arrangement, the following process and procedure must be adhered to:

  1. The researcher will provide QUA with at least two (2) weeks notice that s/he wishes to make an appointment to visit outside of regular hours of opening. PLEASE NOTE: evenings and weekends will be considered; statutory holidays, and university-sanctioned closings (e.g. over the Christmas Break) will not.
  2. It is understood by the researcher that when negotiating for a suitable time to visit QUA, any visit will be contingent on QUA staff ensuring there will be at least one other colleague available for the time(s) being considered. There can be no exceptions to this policy.
  3. A fee of five (5) dollars an hour will be charged.  The final fee will be payable upon completion of the visit and can be made either in cash, by cheque (made out to “Queen’s University Archives”), VISA, or MasterCard.
  4. The time made available will be no more than three (3) hours during a weekday, and no more than five (5) hours on a weekend.
  5. If photocopying, or other reprographic service is ordered during the visit, it will be performed by QUA technical staff during regular business hours and forwarded upon receipt of payment.
  6. Where possible, the researcher should order the material s/he wishes to consult during the visit, in advance. This will require the researcher to talk to an archivist prior to visiting QUA in person.
  7. The archives building (Kathleen Ryan Hall) will be locked upon arrival. Therefore, it will be necessary to arrange a time for the archivist to open the door. The agreed times must be adhered to, and for any variance greater than half and hour, unless notified to the contrary beforehand, QUA reserves the right to cancel the appointment, and an additional charge of $10.00 will be levied.
  8. Prior to entry, photo identification must be provided to the archivist, At the front door.

Policy effective 01/11/09