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Procedure for Destruction of University Records

Destruction of university records cannot be carried out without proper authorization. Following approved records retention schedules, fully completing an Authorization for Destruction of Records Form and following the procedures listed below will ensure safe disposal of records. 

  • An Authorization Of Destruction Of Records [Form 1] needs to be completed. 
  • It is recommended that records custodians attach a list of the records with the Destruction Authorization Form. However, if there are a lot of records, a general description of the content (including date range) of the records to be destroyed is acceptable.
  • The forms and lists must then be sent to the records management staff for confirmation of the destruction before the records are destroyed.
  • After you receive confirmation from records management staff, ask the OPR (i.e. Officer of Primary Responsibility as designated in the records retention schedules) to sign the destruction from. 
  • Once the form is signed by the OPR, you can either make arrangements for destruction of the records yourself or ask the records management staff to coordinate the destruction.
  • A copy of the signed forms and lists must be kept in your own office according to records retention schedule AD9250 - Departmental Records Keeping.

To destroy university records which have not yet been scheduled, please contact the records management staff at the archives for advice.

Records containing personal information must be destroyed securely. Please contact the records management staff at the Archives for advice.

Records management staff at the Archives can be reached at Tel: 613 533-2378, Kathleen Ryan Hall.

Forms and approved records retention schedules are available on the Records Management website