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Approved University Records Retention Schedules

AD1550 General Inquiries and Complaints 12/15/2011
AD2500 University Accounting 4/4/2017
AD2570 Research Accounting 4/4/2017
AD2600 Banking 4/4/2017
AD2700 Taxes 4/4/2017
AD2800 Internal Audit Services 3/4/2015
AD2900 Procurement 12/16/2014
AD3900 Signing Authority Administration 12/15/2011
AD4210 Departmental Academic Personnel Files 12/15/2011
AD4280 Staff Contact Information 12/15/2011
AD4300 Payroll (Financial Services) 4/4/2017
AD4410 Return to Work and Accommodation 4/27/2015
AD4550 Pension Administration 12/16/2014
AD5400 Employment Equity 4/8/2015
AD6100 Physical Plant Services Operation 10/31/2013
AD6200 Construction and Engineering Project Management 10/31/2013
AD6300 Physical Properties Maintenance and Custodial Services 10/31/2013
AD6400 Real Property Development and Management 10/31/2013
AD6600 Physical Resources Management 10/31/2013
AD6610 Fleet Vehicle Management 10/31/2013
AD6620 Administration of Professional Workwear 10/31/2013
AD6700 Sustainability 10/31/2013
AD6800 Parking Services 10/31/2013
AD7100 Workplace Health and Safety 11/7/2012
AD7300 Off-Campus Activity Safety 11/7/2012
AD8800 Web Content Management 4/4/2017
AD9200 Records Management 4/4/2017
AD9250 Departmental Record Keeping 9/8/2009
AD9300 Access to Information and Privacy 4/4/2017
EX1250 Facilitation of University Policy Development 11/13/2014
EX1400 Administration of Nomination and Appointment to Governing Bodies 11/13/2014
EX1500 Board of Trustees 11/13/2014
EX2100 Senate - Academic Governance 11/13/2014
EX2200 University Council 11/13/2014
EX2500 Enrolment Planning 1/8/2007
EX3310 Cyclical Program Review (CPR) 11/7/2012
EX3700 Educational Equity 4/8/2015
EX4100 Legal Services 4/4/2017
EX4600 Dispute Resolution 11/13/2014
OP2200 Library Planning and Administration 9/21/2010
OP2210 Library Collection Development and Management 2/9/2009
OP2220 Library Reference, Research and Instructional Services 2/9/2009
OP2230 Library Access Services 2/9/2009
OP2280 Library Systems 8/1/2012
OP2290 Library Services for Students with Disabilities 8/1/2012
OP2310 Archival Collections Management 4/4/2017
OP2330 Archives Public Services 4/4/2017
OP2900 Accessibility Planning and Review 4/8/2015
OP3100 Human Rights 4/27/2015
OP4100 Student Record - Office of the University Registrar 2/9/2009
OP4200 Faculty Office Undergraduate Student Record - Faculty of Arts and Science 11/29/2011
OP4210 Departmental Undergraduate Student Record 12/15/2011
OP4400 Student Registration 12/13/2006
OP4500 Student Admission - Undergraduate Programs 3/4/2015
OP4600 Administration of Student Fees 2/9/2009
OP4700 Awarding of Scholarships and Bursaries 1/8/2007
OP4810 Administration of Government Loans 1/8/2007
OP4820 Administration of Student Line of Credit Program 1/8/2007
OP4830 Administration of Queen's University Student Short-Term and General Loans 1/8/2007
OP4910 Student Record - School of Graduate Studies 11/7/2012
OP4911 Coordination of Recruitment - Graduate Programs 11/7/2012
OP4912 Student Admissions - Graduate Programs 11/7/2012
OP4914 Administration of Graduate Student Awards 11/7/2012
OP4915 Annual Evaluation of Graduate Students 11/7/2012
OP4916 Thesis Completion 11/7/2012
OP4919 Departmental Graduate Student Record 11/7/2012
OP4950 Faculty of Law Student Record 12/16/2014
OP4970 Post-Graduate Medical Trainee Record 1/9/2013
OP4981 Teacher Candidate Practicum Placement - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4982 Administration of Teacher Candidate Practicum - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4983 Administration of Teacher Candidate Alternate Placements - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4984 Administration of Teaching Awards - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4985 School Board Partnerships Management - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4986 Administration of International Teacher Placements - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4987 Administration of Career Placements - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4988 Management of Career Placement Events - Faculty of Education 5/3/2007
OP4989 Student Record - Continuing Teacher Education, Faculty of Education 10/14/2014
OP5200 Student Financial Advising 1/8/2007
OP5800 Awarding of Degrees 1/8/2007
OP6900 Student Wellness Services 6/6/2012
OP7600 International Centre Services 11/28/2011
OP7700 Legal Aid Services 8/26/2013
OP8410 Research Grant Management (External Programs) 2/9/2009
OP8420 Research Grant Management (Internal Programs) 2/9/2009
OP8430 Research Contract Management 6/10/2008
OP8600 Research Ethics Administration 6/10/2008
OP9500 Administration of Student Assessment of Teaching 1/8/2007
OP9700 Academic Timetable Management 1/8/2007
OP9800 Organization of Examination Sessions 1/8/2007
OP9850 Preparation of Examinations 4/12/2008
OP9900 Academic Calendar Coordination 12/13/2006