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Records Retention Schedules

A Records Retention Schedule governs the life cycle of a record, or series of records, from creation or receipt to disposition or permanent preservation. The schedules provide comprehensive descriptions of the functions, activities and transactions carried out in the administration, governance and operations of the University. Along with a functionally organized hierarchy, or file plan, the records retention schedules allow for the classification of records.

It includes:

  • the title and classification number of the record;
  • the length of time each record shall be retained as an active record before transfer to off-site storage;
  • the length of time each record shall be retained in semi-active storage at an off-site storage prior to final disposition;
  • the method of disposition of each type of record, i.e, destruction or transfer to University Archives.

 How to Read a Records Retention Schedule (RSS)

    Approved University Records Retention Schedules

    Common Schedules

    • AD1550 - General Inquiries and Complaints
    • AD2900 - Procurementnew.png
    • AD3900 - Signing Authority Administration
    • AD4210 - Departmental Academic Personnel Files
    • AD4280 - Staff Contact Information
    • AD6600 - Physical Resources Management 
    • AD7100 - Workplace Health and Safety 
    • AD9250 - Departmental Record Keeping
    • EX3310 - Cyclical Program Review (CPR)
    • OP4210 - Departmental Undergraduate Student Record
    • OP4919 - Departmental Graduate Student Record 

    Departmental Schedules

    • Archives

      OP2310 - Archives Services - Acquisition of Archival Material
      OP2320 - Archives Services - Collections Maintenance
      OP2330 - Archives Services - Public Services
      OP2340 - Archives Services - Outreach


    • Continuing Teacher Education

      OP4989 - Student Record - Continuing Teacher Education, Faculty of Education


    • Department of Environmental Health & Safety

      AD7300 - Off-Campus Activity Safety


    • Faculty of Arts and Science

      OP4200 - Faculty Office Undergraduate Student Record - Faculty of Arts and Science


    • Faculty of Education (PDF)

      EDUC01 - Teacher Candidate Practicum Placement - Faculty of Education
      EDUC02 - Administration of Teacher Candidate Practicum - Faculty of Education
      EDUC03 - Administration of Teacher Candidate Alternate Placements - Faculty of Education
      EDUC04 - Administration of Teaching Awards - Faculty of Education
      EDUC05 - School Board Partnerships Management - Faculty of Education
      EDUC06 - Administration of International Teacher Placements  - Faculty of Education
      EDUC07 - Administration of Career Placements - Faculty of Education
      EDUC08 - Management of Career Placement Events - Faculty of Education

    • Faculty of Lawnew.png

      OP4950 - Faculty of Law Student Record

    • School of Graduate Studies

      OP4910 - Student Record - School of Graduate Studies
      OP4911 - Coordination of Recruitment - Graduate Programs
      OP4912 - Student Admissions - Graduate Programs
      OP4914 - Administration of Graduate Student Awards
      OP4915 - Annual Evaluation of Graduate Students
      OP4916 - Thesis Completion
    • Health, Counselling and Disability Services

      OP6900 - Student Health, Counselling and Disability Services


    • Human Resourcesnew.png

            AD4550 - Pension Administration

    • Human Rights Office

      OP3100 - Human Rights


    • International Centre 

      OP7600 - International Centre Services


    • Legal Aid

      OP7700 - Legal Aid Services

    • Libraries

      OP2200 - Library Planning and Administration
      OP2210 - Library Collection Development and Management
      OP2220 - Library Reference, Research and Instructional Services
      OP2230 - Library Access Services
      OP2280 - Library Systems
      OP2290 - Library Services for Students with Disabilities


    • Office of the University Advisor on Equity Schedules

      AD5400 - Employment Equity
      EX3700 - Educational Equity
      OP2900 - Accessibility Planning and Review


    • Office of the University Ombudsman

       EX4600 - Dispute Resolution


    • Office of Research Services

      OP8410 - Research Grant Management (External Programs)
      OP8420 - Research Grant Management (Internal Programs)
      OP8430 - Research Contract Management
      OP8600 - Research Ethics Administration


    •  Post-graduate Medical Education

            OP4970   - Post-graduate Medical Resident Record


      • Physical Plant Services

        - Physical Plant Services Operation
        AD6200 - Construction and Engineering Project Management
        AD6300 - Physical Properties Maintenance and Custodial Services
        AD6400 - Real Property Development and Management
        AD6610 - Fleet Vehicle Management
        AD6620 - Administration of Professional Workwear
        AD6700 - Sustainability
        AD6800 - Parking Services   

      • Records Management Program

        AD9200 - Records Management
      • University Registrar

         EX2500  - Enrollment Planning
         OP4100  - Student Record - Office of the University Registrar
         OP4300  - Student Recruitment - Undergraduate Programs
         OP4400  - Student Registration - Undergraduate Programs
         OP4500  - Student Admission - Undergraduate Programs
         OP4600  - Administration of Student Fees
         OP4700  - Awarding of Scholarships and Bursaries
         OP4810  - Administration of Government Loans
         OP4820  - Administration of Student Line of Credit Program
         OP4830  - Administration of Queen's University Student Short-Term and General Loans
         OP5200  - Student Financial Advising
         OP5800  - Awarding of Degrees
         OP9500  - Administration of Student Assessment of Teaching
         OP9700  - Academic Timetable Management
         OP9800  - Organization of Examination Sessions
         OP9850  - Preparation of Examinations
         OP9900  - Academic Calendar Coordination


      • University Secretariat 

        EX1250  - Facilitation of University Policy Development
        EX1400 - Administration of Nomination and Appointment to Governing Bodies
        EX1500 - Board of Trustees
        EX2100 - Senate - Academic Governance
        EX2200 - University Council

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