Price List

Reprographic Services Price List


Size or Format B & W
(per sheet)
(per sheet)
Rush Service
(per sheet)

Archival Material:

Up to 11 x 17 inches

$0.25 (for students)

$0.50 (for students)

$1.00 (b&w) $2.00 (color)

for students 

$0.50 (b&w)

$1.00 (color) 

Over 11 x 17 or special orders undertaken in-house


$2.50 (for Students)



$5.00 (for students)

Over 11 x 17 or special orders sent off-site for reproduction*

To be negotiated


Photocopies of published materials and microfilm

$0.25 per sheet

$0.15 for Students

Archival material with personal digital camera (no flash, set-up or personal scanners can be used)

No cost

Digital Reproduction

Basic Digital Image of Archival Material

Up to 16 x 20 inches

$15.00 per image

$30.00 per image

Orders of 3 or more

$10.00 per image

$20.00 per image

Larger than 16 x 20 inches*

To be negotiated


Sound Recordings

Reel-to-reel to digital

$25.00 per reel

$50.00 per reel

Audio cassette to digital

$10.00 per tape

$20.00 per tape

Video Recordings

Video to digital format*

$25.00 per tape

$50.00 per tape

Film to video/digital*

$35.00 per reel

$70.00 per reel

Output Format Fees (Levied In Addition to Reproduction Fees)

Email, FTP, Data Transfer


No additional charge




$3 per disk


PDF of photocopied material

Up to 11 x 17 inches


5 cents per page


Usage Fees  (Levied In Addition to Reproduction and Output Format Fees)

Research and Private Study, Genealogy, Gift/Home display, Personal and/or family website


No additional charge


Museum Exhibition


No additional charge


Academic theses/papers, school projects


No additional charge


Teaching aid, professor/student slide, presentation


No additional charge


Catalogue or publication (book, journal, magazine, proceedings, newspaper, brochure, calendar, CD or DVD (cover liner notes), etc.

Inside use




Cover use




Decoration in a place of Business




Commercial or Business website




Broadcast or film use


To be negotiated


Postage and Handling

Package size


Under 10 sheets


10 to 50 sheets


Over 50 sheets


Special Enclosures (for photos, etc.)


Architectural drawings/oversized material



  • Commencing 1 January 2017, Queen’s University Archives will no longer accept cash payments for any reproduction services over $5.00. Any such payments can only be made by cheque (made payable to “Queen’s University Archives”); VISA, or MasterCard. For those reproduction charges of $5.00 or under, please place monies in the ‘Donation Box’ located at the Reference Desk.
  • Photocopy orders will take five (5) business days to process.  Rush charges will apply to all orders required within a shorter period of time.
  • Photo orders (print or digital) will take a minimum of two (2) weeks to process.  Rush charges will apply to all orders required within a shorter period of time.
  • Sound recording orders will take a minimum of four (4) weeks to process.  Rush charges will apply to all orders required within a shorter period of time.
  • Microfilm or other special orders may take a variable amount of time to complete.  As such, no guarantee can be made to have these orders completed within a set time.
  • Payment must be made prior to the completion of any order. Queen's Archives accepts cash, cheques, money orders, Visa and Mastercard. Payment will be accepted in Canadian dollars only.
  • Applicable taxes will be added to the total cost of all orders.
  • For digital images, please provide the Archives with a medium for image storage (email address, USB flash drive, or CD-R). The Archives can supply a blank CD-R at a cost of $2.00, subject to availability.
  • The Archives can migrate digital image files to alternate formats at a cost of $2.00 per file.
  • Please note that prices may be subject to change without notice.
  1. Students must present a valid Student ID prior to payment.
  2. Land Registry copybooks are considered a special order.
  3. Due to preservation concerns, the following equipment may not be used:
    • personal scanners
    • flash
    • tripods or other set-up