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Queen's University Archives is pleased to showcase a sampling of our holdings through physical displays in Kathleen Ryan Hall and now through web exhibits. The newest addition to our exhibits is a look at the War of 1812 from the Kingston perspective. "Celebrating Royalty" provides a glimpse of the many royal visits to Kingston. "Queen's Remembers" commemorates those who served and died during the First and Second World Wars. Another exhibit, "John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir," was originally produced as a display in the main foyer to coincide with the Annual Queen's University Archives Lecture in 2004.

Archival Resources for Teachers

Archival Resources for Teachers is designed to complement the core curriculum for secondary education. This service offers teachers much-needed original source materials to support themes in twentieth century history and geography, as well as suggestions for the integration of these original documents into lesson plans.

In the first of a series of twentieth century documentary themes, we present An Archival Look at World War I. Teachers can choose key documents from sub-themes such as the Canadian Homefront, The Technology of WWI, Women During the First World War and World War I Warfare. These original photographs and correspondence from the Front provide students with their first introduction to archival research and the immediate impact of original sources for the learning experience.

Queen's University Archives will introduce new themes in history and geography as they are created. We encourage teachers to utilize these resources and to contact us to explore other exciting topics in the world of original research.