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Historical Internship Program at Queen’s University Archives

New course offering: HIST501 and HIST502

Come and work at the Archives next year! Expand your research skills, dig into history, be curious...and get academic credit for it.

If archival research is of interest to you, you are thinking about graduate work, you want to gain an understanding of how archives work, or you wish to spend a concentrated amount of time with a set of records, this might be the course for you.

The fine print and details are below but don’t hesitate to come in and talk to us about potential projects you might want to undertake or to help generate ideas for a proposal.

The Department of History at Queen’s University has created an historical internship program for academic pass/fail credit in partnership with the Queen’s University Archives. Students interested in proposing an internship must, one month before the beginning of the term in which they plan to start their project, submit to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies a five page proposal outlining the scope of the project, itemizing work to be done, and proposing the number of learning hours to be undertaken (3.0 credits equals 120 learning hours). Examples include but are not limited to work in digital humanities, collection curation, archival research, and description.

Before submitting their proposal applicants must secure a faculty sponsor in History (contact Dr. James Carson for assistance with this) and the sponsorship of the University’s Public Services/Private Records Archivist (contact Heather Home). Students’ proposals will be judged on their quality, the quality of the experience and its relationship to the practice of historical and archival work, and on the meaningfulness of the experience to departmental learning expectations and outcomes.

The department recognizes that marking such experiences would be impossible and, perhaps, even contrary to the spirit of experiential learning, so the course would provide only pass/fail credit to be counted as a 500-level option course for concentrators and as an elective for non-concentrators in line with Departmental practice concerning undergraduate thesis and directed readings courses. Pass/Fail credit will be awarded after the student, faculty sponsor, and archivist review the project, its outcomes, and its quality at the end of the appropriate academic term.