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AD2100 University Financial Management
AD2200 University Budgeting
AD2500 University Accounting
30 General Ledger
31 General Journal
32 Accounts Payable
33 Accounts Receivable
34 Financial Reporting
AD2570 Research Accounting
31 Research Project Files (Accounting)
AD2600 Banking
30 Banking Records
AD2700 Taxes
31 Payroll Taxes
32 Tax Records (Calendar Year)
33 Tax Records (Fiscal Year)
AD2800 Internal Audit Services
30 Audit Services Planning Files
31 Internal Audit Files 
32 Special Investigation Files 
AD2900 Procurement
31 University Procurement Files
32 Request for Proposal Process Files
33 Contract Files
34 Procurement Card Files
35 Research Purchasing Files
AD2950 Departmental Purchasing
AD3100 Investment Management and Loans
AD3600 Insurance Management
AD3650 Funding Initiatives Management
AD3655 Administration of Funds
AD3900 Signing Authority Administration
31 Signing Authority Administration Files

AD1000 Public RelationsAD4000/5000 - Human Resources Management