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OP2100 General Office Administration
31 Departmental Planning Files
32 Departmental Operations Files
OP2200 Library Planning and Administration
31 Library Planning Files
32 Library Operations Files
33 Library Special Events Files
OP2210 Library Collection Development and Management
31 Library Resources Review Files
32 Electronic Resources Review Files
33 Acquisition Files
34 Library Trust Funds Files
35 Gift Collection History Files
OP2220 Library Reference, Research and Instructional Services
31 Instructional / Education Services
32 Reference / Research Services Files
OP2230 Library Access Services
31 Library Card Application Files
32 Circulation Files
33 Library Fines Management
34 Laptop Loan / Study Space Application
OP2280 Library Systems
31 Integrated Library System - Acquisition Module
32 Integrated Library System - Catalogue Module (QCAT)
33 Integrated Library System - Circulation Module
34 Integrated Library System - Patron Data
35 Electronic Resources Management
36 Systems Support Files
OP2290 Library Services for Students with Disabilities
30 Assistive / Adaptive Technology Support Services Files
31 Library and Research Assistance Files
32 Requests for Library Services for Students with Disabilities
33 Training for Students with Disabilities
34 Equipment Loan
35 Alternate Formats and Transcription Services
OP2310 Archival Collections Management
31 Accession Files
40 Archival Holdings Database
OP2330 Archives Public Services
31 Collection Access Files
32 Reproduction Services Files
40 User Registration and User Database
OP2500 Event Services
31 Meeting and Conference Management
32 Accommodations Management
33 Events Management
34 Catering Services
37 Registration of Guests
38 Organization of Accommodations
OP2600 Art Gallery Management
30 Strategic Planning
31 External Relations - Professional Associations
32 Liaison with Support and Funding Organizations
33 Donor Relations- Donors
34 Donor Relations - Potential Donors
OP2610 Art Gallery Collections Management
30 Potential Acquisition Research Files
31 Acquisition of Art Works Files
32 Registration of Art Works
33 Conservation Of Art Works
OP2620 Art Gallery Exhibitions
30 Artists Files
31 Exhibition Records
OP2630 Art Gallery Programming
30 Special Events Management
31 Publications
32 Organization of Tours
33 Training of volunteers
OP2700 Athletics and Recreation Management
10 University Council on Athletics and Recreation
30 Senior Management Team Files
OP2710 Recreation Programs & Sports Club Administration
30 Intramural Programs Management
31 Sports Club Management
32 Recreation Programs Management
OP2720 Sports Event Administration
30 Sports Event Management
31 Sports Information
OP2740 Student Athlete Administration
30 Recruitment/Athletic application forms
31 Student Athlete Administration File
32 Athlete Therapy and Medical Records
OP2750 Recreation Facility Operations
30 Recreation Facility Operation Files
31 Sports Equipment Maintenance
35 Swimming Pool Testing
OP2770 Inter-university Sport Program Management
31 Interuniversity Sports Association Liaison
OP2780 Athletics & Recreation Online Service System
30 Recreation Program Membership Management
31 Recreation Program Scheduling
32 Facility Rental
33 Equipment Rental
34 Sports Event Tickets Sale
OP2790 Camp for Minors Services
31 Camp Registration Files
32 Camp Incident Reports
33 Medication Distribution Consent Form
34 Camp Personnel Files
OP2800 Box Office Administration
30 Subscriptions and Tickets Sale
OP2900 Accessibility Planning and Review
10 Accessibility Framework Files
31 Accessibility Plans and Reports
32 Accessibility Training, Education and Publication
33 Accessibility Award
OP3100 Human Rights
10 Human Rights Framework Files
30 Human Rights Educational Programs Files
31 Human Rights Advisory Services Files
32 Human Rights Respondents Advisor's Files
33 Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Board Files
OP3200 Positive Space
10 Positive Space Committee - Chair
11 Positive Space Committee - Member's Participation Files
31 The OPIRG Positive Space Award

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