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Procedure For Transfer Of University Records To Archives

University records that are designated in the records retention schedules as archival (“AR”) must be transferred to the University Archives.  For hardcopy records, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Contact the University Archives BEFORE sending records to discuss the transfer.
  2. Ensure paper records are in file folders and pack files in proper storage boxes.  Use cubic-foot banker’s boxes (15” long x 12” wide x 10” deep) with handles and removable lids. Boxes can be ordered through the preferred Office Supplies vendors.  Records packed in unsuitable boxes will be returned to the sender immediately.
  3. Complete the Records Transfer to Archives form and have it signed by the person who is accountable for the records (usually a senior officer, director or head of the department or unit).
  4. Prepare a File List listing the contents of each box.
  5. Send a digital (soft copy) of the documentation to both the Archives archives@queensu.ca and the Records Management and Privacy Office recordsmanagement@queensu.ca
  6. Coordinate physical transfer of the records of archival value to the University Archives. Records identified as non-archival will be returned to the units/departments.

For digital records with an archival disposition, contact the Archives at archives@queensu.ca