Family Genealogies and files in the Reading Room

Many researchers who have undertaken family research at Queen's University Archives have subsequently sent in completed family histories, or deposited some of their research. We hold these in our small library in the Reading Room for personal and private research use.

List of Files

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Biographical Sketch of Edwin Tappan Adney, 1860-1950

Clippings and Genealogical Data pertaining to the Ahern Family, 1848-1927

Allen Family in Canada, 1815-1969

Allen Family of Adolphustown

Althouse Family

Anglins from Bandon to Canada, 1961

Appleby Family

Babcock, David & Benjamin (Ernestown)

Barrie, Commodore Robert, 1819-1834

Benson, Genealogy (Dirck / Matthew )

Bermingham Family of Kingston

Blakey, Robert- Augusta Township

Beausoleil and Boselly Genealogy (Kingston & Bellville), ca. 1800-1975

Boselly Family

The Blakely Family

Boucher, René Amable (1735-1812) Biographical Notes

Bowman and Metcalfe Families Genealogy, Augusta Township 1834-1974



The Bruce Family Genealogy, Augusta & Kitley township, 1823-1974

Buckmaster, Hilda and Elizabeth

Caldwells of Lanark

Canada Campbell Journal

Carruthers, John

Chown family genealogy

Clow Family

Cook Family

Courtright Family

Creighton Family


Crouse Family (Napanee) Genealogy

Currie Family

Danby Family

Davy, Peter Sr.

History of The Day Family

Donovan, James - 1853-1923 Family Genealogy

Dulay (Delyea) Family History

Dows of Auchinderran and Glen Dhu Genealogy

Dyde Family Genealogy

Emmons Family

Eckford, John & Family Genealogy

Fowler, Fyfe -  Notes on Family

Fraser, Dr. John Bell - Genealogy 1855

Freeman Family Genealogy 1777-1975

Gange Families

The Gage (Family) Connection, by Ruth Law

Galbraith family

Garrison Family Tree

Garrison Family Genealogy, 1600-1950

Gilbert Family

The Gordons Goulbourn

Gow, James  His Forebears

Grubb Family - A History - 1783-1904


Harper (Harpel)


Higginson - Innes Family  Genealogy

Holden Genealogy

Hopkirk, James  Genealogy - Kingston & Scotland

Howes, (Hinchinbrooke)

Huguenot Heritage Conference

Huff Family Genealogy

Hoffman (huffman) Family

Hunter Family Genealogy


Irwin Family, ca. 1890-1960

Johnston, Clifford M. - The Life History of

Jones, Ephraim (1750-1812) Augusta Township Genealogy

Judge family of Bedford

Kennedy, Dr. Roderick of Bath

Kneeland Talbot & Garrett

Knight, Malon, U.E. and His Descendants

Knight, Malon and His Descendants   Supplement - 1979

Kimmett Family Genealogy

LaBrash Family

Law, Ruth E.  The Law Connection

MacGillhivray Family

Maclean, Allen Neil (1752-1847) Biography & Genealogy

MacLennan Family  Genealogy

Macdonald , John A. - Family Genealogy of His Wife Henrietta, step-daughter of Joel Stone

McDonald of Glengarry  1789-1982

McDonld of Glengarry  additims

McIntyre, Aldworth Family Genealogy

McNab, Alexander & Katherine - Decendants

Matheson family


Moran Family 1838 -1978

Morris (Brockville)

Munn, John 1788 - 1859

O'Loughlin Family


Parlow Family - Genealogy (1778-1955) Bulletins

Peters Family

Peters Family

Peters Family

Phillips Family Genealogy 1832-1977 - Kitley Township

Powley family Genealogy 1725-1916


Raaflaub family - 100 years in America/Genealogy 1873-1977


The Reesor Family in Canada

Rogers, (Walter) Family

Roman Catholic Church Archdiocese of Kingston - Nominal Index to Roman Catholic Census of Kingston 1844 - Genealogy Files

Rush Family Genealogy

Rutledge, George

Shannon Family in Storrington twsp. & Associated Families - Lake, Kingsbury, Simpson & Knapp


Shaw, Clark and Gow Genealogy

Shaw, Poole, Hollingsworth and Tett Families

Shillington Family

Shortt Family

Sigsworth Family

Lieutenant Henry Simmons' Journal

Singleton Family Genealogy

Sloot Family Genealogy

Smith, Connell, Ward, Green - Pittsburg twsp

Snider - Snyder

A Sterling - Staring Family Genealogy

Stokes, Walker and Tuttle Families Genealogy

Stone Family Geneaolgy

Rev. John Stuart and his family

Tennant Family Genealogy

Thompson Family - Fourteen Generations in North America

Timmerman Family

The Tripps of Quinte

Turcotte Family

Twitchell family 

Vankoughnet Family


Wagar Family Genealogy

Wagar/Cory Genealogy

Wemp Family - Amherst Island Genealogy

Williams, Samuel & Jemima Platt Family Genealogy

Yeomans (Youmans)

Yott and Mercier Genealogy by Eileen Hall