Common Retention Schedules

Here is a list of common records retention schedules used by university departments and units. If you have further question, please contact the Records Management and Privacy Office.

Common Records in All University Departments / Units

AD1300-31     University Events and Conference Administration
AD8800-41     Queen's Websites - Published Content
AD8800-42     Queen's Websites - Preparatory Materials
AD9100-11     Local Policies, Procedures and Standards
AD9100-12     Statistical Reports and Surveys
AD9100-31     Local Planning Files
AD9100-32     Local Operations Files
AD9250-31     Records Maintenance Files
AD9250-32     Records Retrieval Files
AD9250-33     Records Disposition Files
AD9300-31     Successful Non-Research Grant Files
AD9300-32     Unsuccessful Non-Research Grant Files
OP2400-32     Facility Access Files

Financial Records

AD2500-32     Accounts Payable
AD2500-33     Accounts Receivable
AD2700-32     Tax Records (Calendar Year)
AD2700-33     Tax Records (Fiscal Year)
AD2900-34     Procurement Card Files

Human Resource Records

AD4110-30     Hiring Faculty
AD4110-33     Hiring Academic Executives
AD4110-34     Hiring Staff
AD4210-30     Faculty, Librarian, Archivist Personnel Files
AD4210-31     Adjunct Faculty Personnel File
AD4200-32     Staff Employee Personnel Files - Local Copies
AD4215-31     Departmental Casual Employee Files
AD4215-32     Files of Students Employed by the University
AD4215-33     Post-doctoral Fellow Files
AD4215-34     Departmental Paid Intern Files (Non-Queen's Students)
AD4215-35     Volunteer Files

Health and Safety Records

AD7100-10     Joint Health and Safety Committees
AD7100-30     Joint Health and Safety Committee Inspections
AD7100-31     Workplace Incident and Accident Files
AD7100-32     Workplace Incident and Accident Files - Unpaid Student Placement
AD7100-33     Ergonomic Assessment Files

Academic Unit Common Records

EX3310-31     Preparation for CPR - Academic Units
OP4210-30     Departmental Undergraduate Student Record - Academic Progress
OP4912-31     Departmental Admissions Files - Graduate Programs
OP4914-31     Administration of Graduate Student Awards - Departmental Internal Awards
OP4919-30     Departmental Graduate Student Files
OP9860-30     Examination Questions Faculty/Department Copies