Reprographic Services

Price List

Archival Material Format Fee*
Print pdf $20 per 15 minutes of time (minimum) to a maximum of two hours
Photograph, Negative, Transparency jpeg, tiff $20 for one; 3 or more $15 each
Sound Recording – Reel to Reel .wav $25 per reel
Sound Recording – Audio-Cassette/CD .wav $20 per audio-cassette/CD
Video Recording - Video mp4 $25 per tape
Video Recording - Film mp4 $35 per reel
*Third-party costs will be an additional fee billed to the requester.


  1. See the Archives Reprographic Services Policy for detailed information on the policy statement, reproduction fees, self-service options, terms and conditions, delivery of content, and use fees and permissions.

  2. The fee for digitizing documents is based on 15-minute increments of $20.00 (plus taxes). The minimum fee is $20.00 for a minimum of 15 minutes of work. The maximum amount of time staff can devote to a request is two hours. For large order please consult the Archives staff .

  3. The fees for other record types depend on the size, type, and complexity of the record. See the fees table above.

  4. Online payments by VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, or the INTERAC online service are preferred. Cheques or money-order payments may be made out to “Queen’s University Archives”. Cash is no longer accepted.

  5. The Archives invoices users through the university’s payment system. Once the invoice is paid, the Archives acknowledges receipt of payment and begins the work.

  6. The Archives delivers completed reproductions digitally through email or a data transfer services like Dropbox.

  7. There may be additional fees for specialized, oversized, and other uncommon record types.

  8. There may be use fees and letters of permission required for commercial or public uses of materials.