Annual Archives Lecture

In the fall of every year Queen’s University Archives holds its Annual Archives Lecture. The Lecture is meant to highlight the archival collections which are held by the University and serves as a public forum to disseminate and discuss the research that is, or has been, carried out using those collections. The Archives Lecture has run every year since its inception in 1983.

A list of past lecturers can be found below:

Date Person Title
April 13, 1983 Dr. Norman H. MacKenzie The Monk Gibbon Papers
April 6, 1984 Dr. Brian S. Osborne Putting People in Their Place: Some Thoughts on a Regional Archives and Historical Geography
March 27, 1985 Dr. J. Douglas Stewart The Archives 'Rehabilitates' an Architect: Thomas Rogers (c. 1780-1853) and Tuscan Kingston
April 25, 1986 Dr. Donald Swainson Corruption, Irresponsibility and Elections in Nineteenth Century Canada
April 16, 1987 Dr. Jack Granatstein Skelton, Mackintosh, Clark, Gordon and Deutsch
April 29, 1988 Ben Weinreb Books are the Bones of Saints
April 12, 1989 William J. Patterson The Formation of Pittsburgh Township
May 1, 1990 Dr. Frederick W. Gibson The Rise and Decline of the Winnipeg Free Press: The Dafoe Years
April 18, 1991 Dr. Charles Pullen Starting from Scratch: The Early Stages of the Critical Biography of Arthur Maloney, Criminal Lawyer, Politician, Social Reformer and Ontario's First Ombudsman
April 24, 1992 Dr. J.E. Rea The Lingering Death of Liberal Canada: Excerpts from the Crerar Papers
April 15, 1993 Dr. Margaret Angus My Fifty-Five Year Affair with Archives
April 21, 1994 Dr. Michael Bliss Discovering the Insulin Documents: An Archival Adventure
April 21, 1995 The Honourable Janice MacKinnon In Search of Sources for Loyalist History
April 18, 1996 Dr. Gerald E. Finley Archival Sleuthing in Scotland: On the Trail of J.M.W Turner
April 17, 1997 Dr. Sandra Campbell A Queen's Spirit of Substance: Lorne Pierce and his Alma Mater
April 22, 1998 Ian E. Wilson The Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund: A Gift that Grows
April 22, 1999 Dr. A.B. McKillop Watson of Queen's: A Picture behind a Portrait
October 26, 2000 Dr. John Meisel Archives in Cyberspace, etc.
November 22, 2001 Dr. W. Craig Ferguson The Oberon Phenomenon: A Family Affair
November 6, 2002 Dr. Jacalyn Duffin What Goes Around, Comes Around: Medical Tuition and Political Action
October 9, 2003 Dr. Sam Solecki In the Archives with D.H Lawrence, Jack McClelland, Earle Birney and Al Purdy
October 20, 2004 Dr. Peter Henshaw Buchan and the Invention of Canada
October 1, 2005 Kingston Social History Tours Kingston Social History Tours
October 11, 2006 Helen Humphreys Leaving Earth: Writing a Novel from the Archives
October 4, 2007 Dr. Brian S. Osborne The Paradox of Heritage: The Case of the Rideau Canal as World Heritage Site
October 15, 2008 Dr. Janet Brooke Art for Community: The Kingston Art Collecting Society
October 22, 2009 Sean Conway Not Going Gentle into That Good Night: Joan Finnigan Remembered
October 21, 2010 Dr. Gerald Tulchinsky What's Special about Canadian Jewish History
October 20, 2011 Dr. Duncan McDowall It Can't Happen Here: Chuck Edwards and the Challenge to Limestone Liberalism at Queen's 1968-1970
November 7, 2012 Dr. Cheryl McWatters The news of our failure is almost in every child's mouth: Accounts, tales and travels through the archives
November 21, 2013 Dr. Amber Lloydlangston Using archival material in exhibit 'Peace' (includes Edmison Diary from Queen's Archives)
October 30, 2014 Dr. Sandra Campbell Time's Judgements Are Best?: Lorne Pierce and the Queen's University Art Foundation
October 15, 2015 Dr. Hugh Grant W.A Mackintosh and the Folly of World War I
October 20, 2016 Deirdre Bryden The Treasure Room: Intriguing tales of collecting at Queen's
October 26, 2017 Dr. Guy Berthiaume Don't Know Much About Geography: Perspectives on Local, Regional, and National Archives
November 8, 2018 Murray Klippenstein Indigenous Stories from Queen’s Archives: The Daniel MacMartin diary and the Original Oral Promises of Treaty 9
October 30, 2019 Dr. Laura Murray Counterarchive or Nostalgia Trip? Reflections on the Swamp Ward & Inner Harbour History Project
November 27, 2020 Brandon Graham & Michael Borsk with Scott Berthelette

Treaty Research at the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation: Access, Justice, and Curiosity

Dirty Deeds?: The History of the 1796 Fairfield-Chippewa Deed in and Beyond Queen’s Archives

November 24, 2021 Dr. Swen Steinberg Queen’s Refuge? Thoughts About an Exhibition Project and Refugee Research from a Historical Perspective
October 20, 2022 Dr. Karen Dubinsky An Artistic Chronicle of Havana in the 1960s: Cuban-Canadian Harry Tanner


October 27, 2023 Peter L. Twohig Preparing for ‘intelligent and thoughtful practice’: University education and health care workers, 1965-1975