Records Retention Schedules

A Records Retention Schedule governs the life cycle of a record, or series of records, from creation or receipt to disposition or permanent preservation. The schedules provide comprehensive descriptions of the functions, activities and transactions carried out in the administration, governance and operations of the University. Along with a functionally organized hierarchy, or file plan, the records retention schedules allow for the classification of records.

It includes:

  • the title and classification number of the record;
  • the length of time each record shall be retained as an active record before transfer to off-site storage;
  • the length of time each record shall be retained prior to final disposition;
  • the method of disposition of each type of record, i.e, destruction or transfer to University Archives.

The Queen's University Archives is responsible for developing and maintaining the web-based database of records retention schedules. Learn more about Archival Transfer Procedure to deposit records with the Archives. For more information on Queen's Records Management Program, please check the web site of the Records Management and Privacy Office.