Conservation is a fundamental responsibility of Queen’s University Archives. It is a pervasive function which is an integral part of every activity in the Archives.

Archival holdings at Queen’s University Archives are housed in acid free file folders and boxes, and stored in secure, temperature and humidity controlled vaults. A professional conservator directs a programme of preventive conservation and conservation treatment with the assistance of a conservation clerk. Queen’s University espouses the Code of Ethics and Guidance for practice for those Involved in the Conservation of Cultural Property in Canada.

Art Conservation students have been able to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by having archival material available on campus. The following conservation projects have been completed by students in 2005:

  • Tapa Cloth
  • Merrill Dennison Architectural Drawing
  • McIntyre Family Bible
  • Bruce Downey Architectural Drawing
  • William Sawyer - Tribute to Christopher Wren