Geraldine Grace and Maurice Alvin McWatters Visiting Fellowship

The Geraldine Grace and Maurice Alvin McWatters Visiting Fellowship has been established by their daughter, Dr. Cheryl S. McWatters [Queen’s BA (Hons) 1977, MBA 1988, PhD 1991 Graduate Studies (Management)] and her husband, John MacDiarmid [Queen’s BSc 1978 (Chemical Engineering), MSc 1987 Graduate Studies (Metallurgical Engineering)] in honour of the former’s parents. While neither of Dr. McWatters' parents had the opportunity to attend university, they believed very much in the value of education and provided their children and grandchildren with financial support and encouragement to pursue post-secondary studies. They attended many graduations at Queen’s and elsewhere, and were very proud of their descendants’ achievements. Throughout their lives Geraldine Grace and Maurice Alvin McWatters, pursued knowledge and new experiences, and engaged in a wide variety of interests and activities. This Fellowship recognises their support and their love of learning.


The Geraldine Grace and Maurice Alvin McWatters Visiting Fellowship is designed to foster, promote, and support original archival research by scholars, authors, or artists in the collections located at Queen’s University Archives.

This Visiting Fellowship, with a stipend of $5,000, is intended to help defray living, travel or research expenses of researchers to come to Queen’s University Archives to conduct their research.

Fund Guidelines

To be considered for the Visiting Fellowship, applicants should submit a completed application form, a brief (1-3 pages) project description, a curriculum vitae, and the name and contact coordinates of one professional reference.  The project proposal should include an account of how the applicant intends to use archival materials located in Queen’s University Archives and the other sources of funding the applicant has, or will receive, to support this project.  Preference will be given to applicants whose research plan makes maximum use of Queen’s University Archives.

An interdisciplinary Advisory Committee will review each application based on the applicant's research topic and the availability of relevant material in the holdings of Queen’s University Archives.  Awards are made to individuals.  Institutions are not eligible to apply.  The grant does not support research at other institutions, and it does not provide general tuition support.

Conditions of the Visiting Fellowship

  1. Visiting Fellowship recipients must commence their research at Queen’s University Archives within one year of being notified of the award. Fellows typically conduct their research between May-December in year of their award;
  2. Fellows are expected to be in residence for the duration of the Fellowship , normally one month, and are expected to devote full time to their research projects;
  3. Successful applicants will not be associated with Queen’s University, nor reside in the City of Kingston;
  4. Recipients will be asked to participate in campus and community activities where appropriate, and may be asked to give a public face to the fellowship and their research during their time here;
  5. The Visiting Fellowship must be acknowledged in works emanating from research accomplished through the Geraldine Grace and Maurice Alvin McWatters Visiting Fellowship;
  6. Recipients will be asked to provide the University Archivist with two copies of any work resulting from research conducted as a result of the Visiting Fellowship, one for the Fund donor, and one for Queen’s University Archives;
  7. Successful applicants will not be eligible for a second Fellowship for a period of at least one year following their first Fellowship;
  8. Visiting Fellowship recipients are requested to submit a short report on their research to the University Archivist, within two months of completion. Edited versions of, or excerpts from, these reports may be used in Queen’s University Archives publications.

Application Form

To make an application for The Geraldine Grace and Maurice Alvin McWatters Visiting Fellowship, please complete and submit the application form along with the following documentation:

  1. A description of the research project, which includes a statement indicating the archival material held by Queen’s University Archives that will be consulted and how it will be used (to be no more than 1 to 3 pages in length).
  2. A budget of estimated expenditures.
  3. Other sources of funding to support the project.
  4. A concise, current Curriculum Vitae.

You may also download this flyer for more information.

Deadline for submission of applications: Friday, September 27, 2024.

Submissions may be made electronically to Jeremy Heil, Acting Associate University Librarian; or in hard copy to:

Jeremy Heil, Acting Associate University Librarian
Queen’s University Archives
Kathleen Ryan Hall
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON
K7L 3N6

Past Fellows
2012-2013 Ms. Judi Coburn (Toronto)
2013-2014 Dr. James Beach (University of Northampton)
2014-2015 Dr. Ben Bradley (University of Toronto)
2016-2016 Dr. Catharine Randall & Dr. Randall Balmer (Dartmouth University)
2016-2017 Dr. Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr (University of Ottawa)
2017-2018 Not awarded
2018-2019 Dr. Nicholas Bradley (University of Victoria)
2019-2020 Mr. Brandon Graham (A/ Treaty Research Coordinator, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation)
2020-2021 Not awarded due to COVID19 restrictions.  There were two awards for 2021-2022
2021-2022 Ms. Heather Long (Independent Researcher) and Mr. Barry Cahill (Independent Scholar)
2021-2022 Dr. Peter Twohig (St. Mary's University)
2022-2023 Mr. Simon-Olivier Gagnon (Université Laval)
2023-2024 Dr. Michel Hogue (Carleton University)