WWI - McTavish, Roswell Murray

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Photograph of Roswell Murray McTavish   Photograph Return Address Card of McTavish


Card Describing Cause of Death of McTavish, 8th February 1919   News Article on the Life and Death of McTavish

University Military Service Record of MacTavish, Page 1   University Military Service Record of MacTavish, Page 2

Military Record of MacTavish   Military Correspondence Regarding Awarding MacTavish a Military Cross   News Clipping Reporting Death of MacTavish   Letter from the Warden to Rev. Dr. W.S. MacTavish, 23rd February 1931

University Overseas Service Record of MacTavish

Letter from W.S. MacTavish to Rev. D.M. Gordon, 22nd August 1916   Letter from W.S. MacTavish to Lt. Col. K.L. Stevenson, 21st September 1929